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    Renewable Energy

    Let us help you harness the power of wind, water & sun

    We can help you achieve energy independence at minimum possible cost by setting up renewable power generation plants using your existing infrastructure.We provide a comprehensive approach to enabling the installation of solar solutions for your needs. Our team of experts handles all stages of project execution, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.Our workflow includes minimal disruption at your facility with little or no impact on your business operations. Getting solar power for your home, farm or industry is easy and hassle-free with Techscape.

    Our services

    Site Inspection

    System Design

    Structural & Electrical Design & Engineering

    Civil Works

    Procurement & Supply

    Installation, Testing & Commissioning

    Plant Operation & Maintenance


    Solar Panels

    Solar Pumps

    Solar Street Lights

    Solar Flat plate collectors

    Solar Evacuated Tube collector

    Solar Charging Systems

    Solar Flood Lights

    Solar Power Supply

    Solar Water Heater

    Solar Ventilator

    Solar inverter

    Solar Air conditioner

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